Terms and Conditions

In addition to our terms 1 to 4 below, the following terms also apply to rental of EPOS equipment.

  1. On acceptance of order a deposit of £400 per terminal plus vat will be payable.
  2. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure the equipment is maintained and returned in the same condition as it was dispatched.
  3. Once the supplier has received the equipment, an authorised engineer will inspect the equipment.
    Based on the report of the engineer a full refund of the deposit will be made less any adjustments.
  4. The hirer is at all times responsible for ensuring timely payments to avoid default charges.
  5. The hirer holds the supplier harmless against any defaults or claims arising out of use of the equipment.
  6. The equipment hire does not include any ongoing services or consumables but are available on request.

Please view any of our terms of business or security policies by simply clicking on the links below. You may also print the terms for your reference.

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